Have you ever had a fake friend who actually just tried to steal your life?
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00:00 The bad dream
00:33 The new girl in school
01:50 The school play audition
04:12 The tattoo
05:10 Copying my outfit
05:37 Sue's party
06:35 The lead role in the musical
07:55 The new victim
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  • La La Life
    La La LifeΠριν 13 ημέρες

    Have you ever had a fake friend who actually just tried to steal your life?

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    I think so

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    Sue : * Just sat down * Zue or Zoey : " lets make a tiktok! wait- where is ur tattoo !? " Sue : ' It was temporary..' Zue or Zoey : * Fainted * Sue : ' Hmph! " Stand again and go * Meh : WHAT THE HECK !? U JUST SAT DOWN!!

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