Tik Tokers Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson along with the Migos, showed up to support in the championship game of my FCF football team!
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  • S. Focus
    S. FocusΠριν 2 ημέρες

    ....real quick.....they made him pick you tube or football!!!!! Bruh picked you tube 1st round the. BOUGHT HIM A FOOTBALL..!! BIG UPS

  • Israel
    IsraelΠριν 2 ημέρες

    Imagine destroying is in the nfl😳

  • Jamal Burmont
    Jamal BurmontΠριν 3 ημέρες


  • mxnitures
    mxnituresΠριν 4 ημέρες

    yo deestroying can you make a 13-14u football team i wanna play for you

  • Marcus Pitts
    Marcus PittsΠριν 5 ημέρες

    Put me on cuz

  • Anthony Flowers
    Anthony FlowersΠριν 10 ημέρες

    thats the best eater in the back right lol and also dee please dont quit any time soon dont let the hate get to your head and keep your head up.

  • Sun Wade
    Sun WadeΠριν 12 ημέρες


  • Jonathan Saint Simon
    Jonathan Saint SimonΠριν 12 ημέρες

    Technically he got hit out of bounds and didn't extend his had in the end zone for a touchdown either so they shouldn't have won. Also refs are bad so many missed calls.

  • Paul
    PaulΠριν 13 ημέρες

    I heard Quavo was having a private celebration in there to commemorate his recent high school graduation

  • Solo_clips
    Solo_clipsΠριν 13 ημέρες

    Did they lose

  • Libra
    LibraΠριν 14 ημέρες

    4:06 RIP☠🚑

  • Marvanous Butler-Brown
    Marvanous Butler-BrownΠριν 14 ημέρες

    12:17 wats the song

  • Furry ops 111
    Furry ops 111Πριν 15 ημέρες

    Is 39# still playing

  • Goof Squad Gaming
    Goof Squad GamingΠριν 18 ημέρες

    it was like swimming class for them. !

  • geoditt42
    geoditt42Πριν 18 ημέρες

    Wow. How far has DeAndre Francois fallen.

  • Its Chris&Jay
    Its Chris&JayΠριν 18 ημέρες

    I’m low key mad they kicked deestroying out the box, he a owner to that doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Chasity Adams
    Chasity AdamsΠριν 20 ημέρες

    Commander our man up being CB

  • Macaluda
    MacaludaΠριν 21 ημέρα

    D should buy a ELF Team in Europe

  • Leona Robinson
    Leona RobinsonΠριν 22 ημέρες

    I'm playing gta 5

  • Davidson Berrier
    Davidson BerrierΠριν 22 ημέρες

    Y’all need a new QB

  • Tstormer
    TstormerΠριν 23 ημέρες

    I'll be honest I couldn't tell the difference between those jersey's

  • Mohammed Agha
    Mohammed AghaΠριν 23 ημέρες

    Did they win?


    Miss this man

  • Kristos Gutierrez
    Kristos GutierrezΠριν 23 ημέρες

    Did this tiktoker really just say scraping. He probably spent 2 hours looking up that word.

  • Kandyee Smith
    Kandyee SmithΠριν 23 ημέρες

    Where are the tryouts

  • Kandyee Smith
    Kandyee SmithΠριν 23 ημέρες

    I could be a better player

  • james junior
    james juniorΠριν 23 ημέρες

    How can I try out I’m n Georgia

  • Godly Yt
    Godly YtΠριν 23 ημέρες

    What is the age group

  • phonaaa
    phonaaaΠριν 23 ημέρες

    Did the glacier boys win

  • Kieran Dietsche
    Kieran DietscheΠριν 23 ημέρες

    This out here lookin like Madden Superstar KO

    I AM:DJWANΠριν 24 ημέρες


  • Mickey Mcdickey
    Mickey McdickeyΠριν 24 ημέρες

    Bro did you realize Joey chestnut was right behind you the whole vid ?

  • Steve Vonbergen
    Steve VonbergenΠριν 24 ημέρες

    League will be dead in 3 years

  • Steve Vonbergen
    Steve VonbergenΠριν 24 ημέρες

    Lame uniforms

  • Shaya Lieberman
    Shaya LiebermanΠριν 24 ημέρες

    you play on the team

  • Alex Ortega
    Alex OrtegaΠριν 25 ημέρες

    Let me be on the team

  • Xbox Bot
    Xbox BotΠριν 25 ημέρες

    You that my vixen my last name is Turpin

  • abtpr
    abtprΠριν 25 ημέρες

    ayo josh is only 19 and he drinking lmao

  • Jaylan Neely
    Jaylan NeelyΠριν 25 ημέρες


  • Ibn-Mahdee Abdul-Haqq
    Ibn-Mahdee Abdul-HaqqΠριν 25 ημέρες

    Brooooo they be eating

  • Ibn-Mahdee Abdul-Haqq
    Ibn-Mahdee Abdul-HaqqΠριν 25 ημέρες

    How old do you have to be to play

  • Latty B
    Latty BΠριν 26 ημέρες

    how old you gotta be to play in this league? i’m tryna get in with the action too🗣

  • XxDrippy COD
    XxDrippy CODΠριν 26 ημέρες


  • patrick ordway
    patrick ordwayΠριν 26 ημέρες

    Damn how do you be an owner of a football team that shit would be banging been coaching for a couple year to try out but a owner that's ballin

  • Black Tops
    Black TopsΠριν 26 ημέρες


  • ItzChase
    ItzChaseΠριν 26 ημέρες

    What is this song called that plays in the background? In the beginning

    GDAD & THE GBABIESΠριν 27 ημέρες


  • K Jayanth
    K JayanthΠριν 27 ημέρες

    Very nice and very good

  • Alexander Barbur
    Alexander BarburΠριν 27 ημέρες


  • De'Wayne Long
    De'Wayne LongΠριν 28 ημέρες

    my mans bought a foot ball team keep doin u brodi

  • Brian Bales
    Brian BalesΠριν 28 ημέρες

    He look like dababby lol

  • Dino Steals
    Dino StealsΠριν 28 ημέρες

    How they choke a league like that 😭

  • King Smitty
    King SmittyΠριν 28 ημέρες

    4:07 we all felt his embarrassment

  • Tah Clark
    Tah ClarkΠριν 28 ημέρες

    Can you look up ne United on GRblock I am number 53 we won a championship

  • skylr titprn
    skylr titprnΠριν 28 ημέρες

    bruh that makes me so fuckin mad i want to say "you guys fuckin suck" be i cant do that bc you guys made it to the camp and yet im not there LMFAO.

  • Hope Tagman
    Hope TagmanΠριν 28 ημέρες

    Fly me out

  • Corianne King
    Corianne KingΠριν 28 ημέρες

    We need Troy back

  • Juan Nicolas
    Juan NicolasΠριν 28 ημέρες


  • Anthony Chestnut
    Anthony ChestnutΠριν 28 ημέρες

    you lost because froncois LOL he was trash at FSU

  • William Balentine
    William BalentineΠριν 28 ημέρες

    What are these one on ones in the beginning. I never knew they did that shit before the real game starts or is it this league type of stuff.

  • Donovan Adams
    Donovan AdamsΠριν 28 ημέρες

    Don’t never mess with the glizy bozy

  • Lucas Westfall
    Lucas WestfallΠριν 28 ημέρες

    Dee gotta run with DK

  • Harry Mosley
    Harry MosleyΠριν 28 ημέρες

    They can't guard 18

  • Ty J
    Ty JΠριν 28 ημέρες

    Wat song is dis?

  • LordJurrd
    LordJurrdΠριν 29 ημέρες


  • Z.a_c.h
    Z.a_c.hΠριν 29 ημέρες

    so we not finna recognize the linemen 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • thegaming tiger719
    thegaming tiger719Πριν 29 ημέρες

    Aj has a tiktok

  • Khan F
    Khan FΠριν 29 ημέρες

    Very nice 👌 👍 👏

  • GG WP
    GG WPΠριν 29 ημέρες

    What happened to this guys girl?

  • iNcohesive
    iNcohesiveΠριν 29 ημέρες

    not interested in football in the slightest but I'm an active sub for this man

  • Oof Oof
    Oof OofΠριν 29 ημέρες

    does anyone see joey chesnut in the backround

  • Ethan Gordon
    Ethan GordonΠριν 29 ημέρες

    josh was drinking bud light when his underage (19 years old)

  • Susan Lindsey
    Susan LindseyΠριν 29 ημέρες

    There is a hold

  • 2 Shifty
    2 ShiftyΠριν 29 ημέρες

    These boys sorry

  • XUO
    XUOΠριν 29 ημέρες

    this shit looks fun sign me up lmao

  • XUO


    Πριν 29 ημέρες

    whats up tho they dont hit or something??

  • Z A
    Z AΠριν μήνα

    Tbh Quavo lame as hell haven’t listened to him and Migos in a while and that’s some lame activity he really think he’s like that.

  • Dorian M Monteverde-Sala
    Dorian M Monteverde-SalaΠριν μήνα

    30 as a running back, 39, 17, pop smoke,

  • Aiden Schaffner
    Aiden SchaffnerΠριν μήνα

    u playin jon keith

  • G.B.K Playboii
    G.B.K PlayboiiΠριν μήνα

    It's been 2 years since I was watching Destroying miss da old days bro

  • King Ham
    King HamΠριν μήνα

    Start recording the games and do a glacier boyz series!

  • MAV HD
    MAV HDΠριν μήνα

    bro i remember watching ur old school FSU vids the qb and wr be likes. look at u now !

  • Pene Ruki
    Pene RukiΠριν μήνα

    Dammmit Id hate to play for a team if QUAVO was part owner.. Dude dont even treat his Buisness partners right, Dee you dont need QUAVO you done this!!

  • Cracken
    CrackenΠριν μήνα

    ngl 54 nedda go

  • J. T.
    J. T.Πριν μήνα

    Do u need some big boys

  • Vobility
    VobilityΠριν μήνα

    The abundant twig extremely stain because territory implicitly continue vice a joyous sentence. repulsive, teeny-tiny skin

  • Mykah Shelton
    Mykah SheltonΠριν μήνα

    How can I play in this league

  • Logan Whaley
    Logan WhaleyΠριν μήνα

    8:28 DAMB!

  • Seth Pruett
    Seth PruettΠριν μήνα

    Ayyy if you needa d end bro I got you

  • Mike Hours
    Mike HoursΠριν μήνα

    I bought a 🧱..it went to 2 🧱s

  • Mi’Tiy Carter
    Mi’Tiy CarterΠριν μήνα

    How do you join this?

  • Cayla Vanness
    Cayla VannessΠριν μήνα

    This video is 1040 seconds long

  • Kevin Shaw
    Kevin ShawΠριν μήνα

    How do we try out.

    DAKADEN HALLΠριν μήνα

    Then boys holding

  • HAZYWRLD 888
    HAZYWRLD 888Πριν μήνα

    Y’all are 1-3 ?

  • officer Elijah
    officer ElijahΠριν μήνα

    The refs like I can not see I'm legally blind 🕶️ 👕🌂 👖 👟👟

  • Kvng Bihh
    Kvng BihhΠριν μήνα

    I wanna play

  • Chayo M
    Chayo MΠριν μήνα

    i play soccer but you definitely put me on football man since last year. keep up the good work !

  • Bobby Erickson
    Bobby EricksonΠριν μήνα

    Quavo making a mistake treating people like that..

  • samxyx
    samxyxΠριν μήνα

    Came just to watch Andrew Jamiel. Remembered from how he showed out in the Tryout

  • leonard owens
    leonard owensΠριν μήνα