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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing drivers license. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


  • Kaashvi Khurana
    Kaashvi KhuranaΠριν 22 δευτερόλεπτα

    Tbh, our generation likes being sad :/

  • Mar Ars
    Mar ArsΠριν 33 δευτερόλεπτα

    Why am I crying over a relationship I was not even part of ? 😭

  • Benny Hokkaido
    Benny HokkaidoΠριν 36 δευτερόλεπτα

    Joshua and Olivia fell in love YES, but in US that's not cool when we have a minor (Olivia), and a person who is already an adult to be with another who is still teenager. There is an interview that Joshua says he fell in love with someone younger than him, but they couldn't have a relationship because of that, he said that will wait for that person, and he will never be able to like her in the same way. In my opinion none of the three are to blame. Olivia still likes him as well as I think he still likes her, but then he met Sabrina. By the time they spend together, he started liking her (someone he could stay with, without fear). C'mon, we don't choose who we will love. Our heart make it.

  • Liesther John Sampiano
    Liesther John SampianoΠριν λεπτό

    🤒Makes Me Sick Of Her Voice🤒 WoW WoW WoW

  • Justine Mari
    Justine MariΠριν λεπτό

    This song is golden.

  • Balu R.
    Balu R.Πριν λεπτό

    Im here because Sabrina's new song called "Skin" ... Can somebody tell me what is this all about? why these 2 girl wrote this song? and why is this song has 58 million views? and what happend in summary? pls i want to know!

  • Justine Mari
    Justine MariΠριν λεπτό

    Few seconds listening and I feel so brokenhearted even though I'm single and don't even have a lovelife.

  • xo xo mo
    xo xo moΠριν 2 λεπτά

    Im here because of sabrina's new song skin

  • Žana Čop
    Žana ČopΠριν 2 λεπτά

    The best song ever 🥺

  • Kelleigh Nicole
    Kelleigh NicoleΠριν 2 λεπτά

    who the hell even is she

  • eee H-
    eee H-Πριν 2 λεπτά

    The fact that she poured all her emotion in this song and how magistically but painful it turned out made me listen to it 24 hrs and made me think over and over again how painful it must be for her,,,,, to everyone who's reading these i just want to say that u need a man or a women in ur life, u can be successful and happy by urself, love ya and take care 🍯!

  • Josh Hutch
    Josh HutchΠριν 3 λεπτά

    Driver license Outsold both lies lies lies and skin combined lol

  • Mahasin Rafi
    Mahasin RafiΠριν 3 λεπτά

    Heyyyyy Anna if ur watching this again😂😂😉

  • Jasmine Rigueur
    Jasmine RigueurΠριν 3 λεπτά

    This hurts cause I legit told a guy I was gonna drive to go see him this summer turns out he got back with his ex

  • Marina Matulle
    Marina MatulleΠριν 3 λεπτά

    i’ll protect olivia and just olivia

  • kay
    kayΠριν 3 λεπτά

    stream na lenda

  • whisper team
    whisper teamΠριν 3 λεπτά

    Yo just broke up wit my ex for cheating 😭😭😭

  • Cinty Karen CR
    Cinty Karen CRΠριν 3 λεπτά

    Did ANYONE ELSE take a walk on GRblock to listen to the whole trilogy?

  • Jennie Blue
    Jennie BlueΠριν 4 λεπτά

    This is so good

  • Hein Htet Aung
    Hein Htet AungΠριν 5 λεπτά


  • 박혜
    박혜Πριν 5 λεπτά

    estado: líquido.

  • Madison Foster
    Madison FosterΠριν 5 λεπτά

    I’m in a healthy relationship and i’m crying, What abt it?

  • Mor Nour
    Mor NourΠριν 5 λεπτά

    Sabrina had sum nerve posting that trash ass Selena Gomez Macy’s type beat song. as if she could even compare to this mf masterpiece

  • lilz editz
    lilz editzΠριν 6 λεπτά

    u know ur so desperate when ur crying over a relationship tht wasnt even urs lmao

  • Clarissa Cuartero
    Clarissa CuarteroΠριν 6 λεπτά

    Cant believe this is now top 1 globally according to billboard.com Proud kapwa Filipino here 😍👏🏻 Way to go Olivia, congratulations!

  • Maria Tomás
    Maria TomásΠριν 6 λεπτά

    This song it's going to be famous forever... like this music is going to mark our lives forever... prove me wrong

  • yuyu .o_c
    yuyu .o_cΠριν 7 λεπτά


  • rahul mehra
    rahul mehraΠριν 7 λεπτά

    claim your before 100million views tickets here

  • Darren Cavanagh
    Darren CavanaghΠριν 8 λεπτά

    Nice song and anyone who likes this check out Birdy. She rocks this style of singing before Olivia. grblock.info/for/b-nteo/gaawfteXr4h5eKU.html

  • Danai Bazoulas
    Danai BazoulasΠριν 8 λεπτά

    olivia is "everything I'm insecure about"😔

  • Margarita Moreno Supelano
    Margarita Moreno SupelanoΠριν 8 λεπτά

    Amo tus canciones siento que estoy en el cielo cuando la escucho

  • Penelopes world
    Penelopes worldΠριν 8 λεπτά

    Who’s side y’all on??

  • Hamish Britton
    Hamish BrittonΠριν 9 λεπτά

    When all the comments are 14 year old girls

  • d r e a m i n g
    d r e a m i n gΠριν 9 λεπτά

    Who agrees that both the ladies should dump his ass and make a collab together? ✌️

  • Sully Zahid
    Sully ZahidΠριν 9 λεπτά

    This is shiy

  • Sam
    SamΠριν 9 λεπτά

    I'm so confused on whatever beef going on

  • H3r_A
    H3r_AΠριν 10 λεπτά

    " tons of cries i made when this video first release"

  • nur qistina husna
    nur qistina husnaΠριν 10 λεπτά

    I’m on your side olivia ! Stay strong

  • idk man
    idk manΠριν 10 λεπτά

    Who’s where after Sabrina dropped a song on Olivia 👀👀

  • Lovely’s _011
    Lovely’s _011Πριν 11 λεπτά

    Why do I feel like the car scene at the beginning was part of a horror movie

  • Nelson Daniels
    Nelson DanielsΠριν 11 λεπτά

    If I find bro I'm pulling up on him expeditiously.. I just wanna talk😤

  • Alicia Östergaard Delgado
    Alicia Östergaard DelgadoΠριν 11 λεπτά

    Imagine how many people are crying to this right now🥺🥰beautiful song

  • Renee Karikottu
    Renee KarikottuΠριν 11 λεπτά

    Do yall wonder why these songs are like blowing up? I think that's because these are written by the singers and not given to them to sing. Look at Joshua for his new song and Tate, All I want wasn't even professionally taped! This song is amazing no matter what.❤❤❤❤

    DARK SIDEΠριν 11 λεπτά

    She is the daughter of famous singer in the Philippines BING RODRIGO . ❤️

  • Ana Sofia
    Ana SofiaΠριν 11 λεπτά

    "Maybe blonde was the only rhyme"

  • Michelle M. Divina
    Michelle M. DivinaΠριν 11 λεπτά

    I have been listening to this song for an unhealthy amount of times but this still hits hard.

  • Finisher
    FinisherΠριν 11 λεπτά

    man said disstrack season but with the females now😂😂

  • Isabella Barrantes
    Isabella BarrantesΠριν 12 λεπτά

    Attendance of people who came here after "skin"😃😃😃:

  • Lost soul
    Lost soulΠριν 12 λεπτά

    blonde is the only rhyme!!!!

  • 푸규수니
    푸규수니Πριν 12 λεπτά

    I saw her on the local news and recognized her as the girl from bizaardvark. Eventually got curious about her whereabouts and the song. I have no idea what tea the comments are talking about. All I know is that I can’t get that bridge out of my head 😭

  • Hamish Britton
    Hamish BrittonΠριν 12 λεπτά

    I don't think she has a drivers licence with all the road rules she breaks ngl

  • Earl John Flores
    Earl John FloresΠριν 12 λεπτά

    whats wrong with those poeple who disliked the video😑😑

  • Billy Horrible
    Billy HorribleΠριν 12 λεπτά

    Another day, another million streams

  • haryy grey
    haryy greyΠριν 12 λεπτά




    Πριν 5 λεπτά


  • haryy grey
    haryy greyΠριν 13 λεπτά

    58 M VIEWS

  • Suja Perumal
    Suja PerumalΠριν 13 λεπτά

    Feels like a Taylor Swift song.

  • Hoi
    HoiΠριν 13 λεπτά

    Olivia: Talks about a blond girl Me: *hmmmm who could it be??.... Me: SABriNA CArpEnteR Me: Feels bad for Olivia and starts to cry because I shipped Joshua and Olivia:(((

  • Sol Rogante
    Sol RoganteΠριν 13 λεπτά

    I've known Sabrina as an artist for ages and I've only known Olivia for the past week. But man, I feel so sorry for her. What Sabrina did with that song was horrible and way out of line. She didn't deserve all the hatred she got because of dating this guy, because it was the guy's choice. But WHY writing a song against the poor girl. She didn't do anything to her!

  • haryy grey
    haryy greyΠριν 13 λεπτά

    olivia rodrigo pfaaaaaaaaaa

  • Cyb3rXskull3
    Cyb3rXskull3Πριν 13 λεπτά

    I like this song better

  • MMV
    MMVΠριν 13 λεπτά

    This song is not bad, but it’s not worth the hype. I sounds like any other song. It’s not bad but just simple, I just don’t get the hype

  • Victoria
    VictoriaΠριν 13 λεπτά


  • Khmer Khmer
    Khmer KhmerΠριν 13 λεπτά

    She is so talented

  • Yongsun girll
    Yongsun girllΠριν 14 λεπτά

    “I understand people's curiosity about what it is and burning music more really is a LESS IMPORTANT part of. It resonates with people because it is emotional and I think everything else is not important. ” - Olivia

  • Sophia Biondi
    Sophia BiondiΠριν 15 λεπτά

    Who’s here after her song All I want ? Anyone

  • noel John zuniega
    noel John zuniegaΠριν 15 λεπτά

    I'm proud because I'm already a subscriber before she reach 1M subs. Love from the Philippines 😘

  • Hector Plays
    Hector PlaysΠριν 15 λεπτά

    I was the 58.264.000 view omg🤩😂😂😂

  • Penelopes world
    Penelopes worldΠριν 16 λεπτά

    Why is my girl getting the girls to push they Disney pens like this 😍😍

  • Rashawn Williams
    Rashawn WilliamsΠριν 16 λεπτά


  • lauren shehane
    lauren shehaneΠριν 16 λεπτά

    uhh who’s here after james charles sang this ?

  • Gia Kaldrovich
    Gia KaldrovichΠριν 16 λεπτά

    It’s on the radio! Congrats your so awesome!!

  • Rovi Ann Sebuan
    Rovi Ann SebuanΠριν 16 λεπτά


  • Areesha Umair
    Areesha UmairΠριν 17 λεπτά


  • hillary
    hillaryΠριν 17 λεπτά

    im so invested in this love triangle

  • Karollay urbina
    Karollay urbinaΠριν 17 λεπτά

    Yeah girl this is beautiful ✨❤️ I'm from Spain and I love this song congratulations 💯✨

  • Dexie nityyy
    Dexie nityyyΠριν 17 λεπτά

    I love this so much❤❤❤❤ from PH

  • Amelia Cho
    Amelia ChoΠριν 17 λεπτά

    Came back here for the new comments if u know what I mean, and once again stayed for the song.

  • Shahtube
    ShahtubeΠριν 17 λεπτά

    beautiful :)

  • Libni Rodriguez
    Libni RodriguezΠριν 17 λεπτά

    I feel like I disrespected Olivia by listening to skin by Sabrina so it’s time to stream Drivers listen for 10 times in a row😌..again...

  • jacqueline moralde

    jacqueline moralde

    Πριν 7 λεπτά

    Yes go stream dl👏👏👏

  • Döñkæ


    Πριν 12 λεπτά


  • Mary Halliwill
    Mary HalliwillΠριν 17 λεπτά

    I hope she’s doing okay after Skin came out, I can’t imagine how upset she must be poor girl.

  • Gia Kaldrovich
    Gia KaldrovichΠριν 18 λεπτά

    Is this about Sabrina? Please let it not be. I know she fits in with the song but I love both of you so much I don’t want drama between you guys. If it isn’t about her you still shouldn’t feel insecure! Your so beautiful and have an amazing singing voice as we can tell! This is ngl my favorite song ever. Have an amazing day keep being you! ♥️

  • melody
    melodyΠριν 18 λεπτά

    She is so cute

  • Space Rocks
    Space RocksΠριν 18 λεπτά

    Drama aside this is the best song out of all three in my opinion

  • jacqueline moralde

    jacqueline moralde

    Πριν 6 λεπτά


  • Athena Leynes
    Athena LeynesΠριν 18 λεπτά

    Hehehe is do. You no

  • bri
    briΠριν 18 λεπτά


  • Jay Park
    Jay ParkΠριν 18 λεπτά


  • Areesha Umair
    Areesha UmairΠριν 18 λεπτά


  • Bryan Rivera
    Bryan RiveraΠριν 19 λεπτά

    Olivia: You're probably with that blonde girl who always made me doubt. Sabrina: Maybe you didn't mean it, maybe blonde was the only rhyme. Joshua: You've been lying to yourself, lie to everyone else. -Wow, this new songs are on fire from drivers license to skin and to lie, lie, lie. 🤔🤣✌

  • jacqueline moralde

    jacqueline moralde

    Πριν 4 λεπτά

    No. Dl is the real deal. The others are riding on d drama. Pr stunt anyone?

  • Shahtube
    ShahtubeΠριν 19 λεπτά

    watch james cover

  • Pilar Saltor
    Pilar SaltorΠριν 19 λεπτά


  • Mika 1999
    Mika 1999Πριν 19 λεπτά


  • hopeless
    hopelessΠριν 20 λεπτά

    both olivia and sabrina are amazing but this song honestly 2021 is shaking

  • Katie Kershner
    Katie KershnerΠριν 20 λεπτά

    hi Olivia

  • Eliza
    ElizaΠριν 20 λεπτά


  • Bert Jones
    Bert JonesΠριν 20 λεπτά

    Teenage angst. oiy.

  • irene wilkes
    irene wilkesΠριν 20 λεπτά

    You made "skin" look so bad. Girl your music is so much better !! Skin is just bad anyway

  • jacqueline moralde

    jacqueline moralde

    Πριν 3 λεπτά


  • am
    amΠριν 20 λεπτά

    sabrina THOUGHT her lame ass song would have the same repercussion lol nice try blondie

  • Luisa Orozco
    Luisa OrozcoΠριν 20 λεπτά

    The tea got me like 👁👄👁

  • Fennie Plays
    Fennie PlaysΠριν 21 λεπτό

    i miss bizaardvark. i used to go home everyday from school and it would make my day.

  • Lizbeth Chavira
    Lizbeth ChaviraΠριν 21 λεπτό

    Ok. But we know this song is about the boy. She mentioned "blonde" a once. So, no. This song isn't about Sabrina. Sabrina did a song a about the whole situation and it's not wrong, maybe she was traying to tell us her part of the story. But we know it's not Olivia's fault.