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I can't believe we gave away $1,000,000 worth of custom products to subscribers, random people and influencers!
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)
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    Subscribe and I might give you custom phones, ipads, cars, or even a house! Like this video if you enjoyed it! I will be bringing on more subscribers to compete in challenges and win free custom items! I will have a couple giveaways each video that will all be put into one huge giveaway in December for you to win! Thank you for all the support! Love you all!

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    @MrBeast ✓ i

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    Nada Abou Said

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    i have been supporting you for long and i love your work sooo much!! 💕 Even though I know i won't winn, but i will still support you no matter what🙂 you deserve soo much more hype for your hard work 💞

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    You won't like rhis



    Πριν μήνα

    I’m a huge fan

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    Love to see it!!!

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    that outro was epic

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    i am from india so can i also won

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    How can I enter to giveaways I watch your vids ALL DAYYYYY!

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    Who Misses Leo 👍🏿

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    I have a question are you rich I mean

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    Love your channel and this phones camera quality 👌 you are doing great job love from India hats off to you you spend your money and your time love on ours so thank you God bless you

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    I will be waiting @ZHC

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    Vid idea: custom painting a moon and then give it away

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    can i get some pls!!!

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    I love you zhc very much im waiting always to become one of those people in your give aways

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    William HarringtonΠριν 20 ώρες

    Dear zhc I want to ask u if u can get me a Nintendo switch I asked my parents for a nintend switch for Christmas but they said it is to expensive so pls make my Christmas wish come true

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    Apple : “Thanks”

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    also my birthday was on november 24th and would love if you said happy late birthday

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    zhc is the nicest person alive he and he crew makes everybodys day 100x better

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    What's crazy is this video was literally one day before my birthday 🤣 I didn't know until today

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    Greatest give away of all time best of luck to all that have a chance👍👍👍👍

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    Wish I could make it but I'm from Spain

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    Hi. I want a product from Apple. I love it channal


    me saying in my head i am never gonna win giveaway

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  • Fatih Bülbül
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    Hy I like b have yyggcx I am not t t t t illuminati

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    "MacBook" INDIA Reason: For education purpose,for online classes and higher education ,I can't buy it coz I don't have that much money

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    I love your art

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    You are very good man

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    hey ZHC , won't you give away things to people in india too ?

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    per gli italiani: quanto sarebbe bello fargli decorare le scarpe della LIDL???😂

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